I got a Traynor ycv50 and lost thesound coming out of it (very faint sound not dead amp) so I got some new tubes and I am getting ready to put them in. I already know I have to wear gloves handling the tubes and my amp has auto bias so it should be no problem there. The question is how the tubes go in. Do they just push into a socket like a plug or screw in or what? I am asking so I don't destroy anything taking the old tubes out and new ones in
Just gently tug them, give it a lil' wiggle and it'll come loose. Sometimes they have a little shock absorber over them, which either twists off or is on a sprint and just lifts/slides off like a strap.
To put the new ones in, just do it again in reverse, gently wiggling it in. And pay attention to which way round they are, the pins will be asymmetrical. Hope this helps!
They may have sheilds and/or retaining clips that will have to come off first. Post a photo or two so we can see.
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