Thinking about getting one of these. Opinions yeah or no? I'm looking for something a little more versatile than my Peavey 6505+ to play other genres other than metal.
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Well. It certainly can do metal and its really good for hard rock but it doesnt have a real clean channel. The channel 1 is a actually a crunch channel that does clean up when turned down but that doesnt leave much headroom. Same applies to its big brothers.

So I'm not really sure if its more versatile than 6505. Might be other way around actually. But the low gain crunch tones are good.

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^ yeah it sounds a bit different from a 6505 rather than being more versatile. nice amp (if the 50 i have is anything to go by) for the price, especially in europe, though.
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if you can expand your budget take a look at the EVH 5153. i think theyre about $1000 US for the 50w combo
It's not any more versatile than a 6505, it's just different.
I own the jca22h. It's a great amp, but there isn't much clean headroom, there's enough though. Especially if using single coils. First thing you need to do though is replace the tubes, the stock chinese tubes are abysmal, scooped mids and breakup very very very fast.