I am searching for some information about my electric guitar I bought.

So, man I bought from told me, that this guitar was made in Japan and so on.
I'm beginner, so discussed with my teacher, he told me, that probably it's made in China, probably by a good master. Yes, sound is hard to describe, but I think I will try different strings, maybe, there will be some changes.

All I have found on the Internet so far, is this post on ebay:

Something like Teisco/Kawai...


Thanks in advance! )
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Are the imgur.com pictures of your guitar? If so, looks like a no-name Japanese import from the late '60s, early '70s, similar to Tiesco branded guitars. A lot of people collect them now for sentimental reasons... it was their first guitar. Just about any modern cheap guitar like Squier or Epiphone will be far better than them, but some people still play and enjoy them. They can be fun to have.
Yep, these photos are mine. Thanks for the answer. Still can't find out if it is made in Japan. I doubt.