I've been playing for years, and I love my set up. I play a squire mustang through a mid size orange, I forgot the model. However, although I love my mustang, I feel like she's a but one dimensional. I'd like something more diverse, a guitar that really has its own sound. I like my mustang for more punk oriented music, but I'm someone who enjoys playing the velvet underground just as much as I like playing Iggy & the stooges. That being said, I guess I want a guitar that can give me that nice, warm thick sound TVU hason femme fatale. I love that nice rich sound, with sustain too. A sound that I can really get creative with, throw some cool effects in so I could record some really interesting stuff. At the same time, I'd like to be able to switch pickups and have that crisp, clean sound like they have on sweet Jane. I'm using the velvet underground as an example, because not only do I look up to their creativity as a band which their sound obviously contributed to, but because I find myself writing riffs that are somewhat reminicent of that arty jazzyness they had. I think you can really manipulate a guitar with that tone.

So, my question to you guys is, do you have a guitar in mind, something that matches my description? I'm thinking a hollowbody. But as long as I get that sound im good. Also, affordable would be nice..

Thanks guys, any input is appreciated
Just going to say first off I don't listen to The Velvut Underground.

Something with humbuckers would probably be a good starting point. I personally feel that effects work better with single coil guitars, but thats just me. You could always get an overdrive pedal or a fuzz to "thicken" up your sound, or just mess with the EQ on your amp, dial in more bass, and see if that helps. Maybe roll off your tone knob on the Mustang. Knowing what amp you have might help a bit as well.

As for a guitar, a more specific budget would be more helpful, but I would throw out a Gibson Les Paul Studio. Haven't really played one myself, but I've heard some good things about them. See if you can get it used.

I bought a PRS SE Custom 24 last year for $700(?) and I love it. I have a Tele as well to cover a lot of sonic ground. The PRS is, imo, well made and is a good workhorse guitar. I feel like you're paying a bit more for the name, but it's cool having a PRS. ...anyways, it does have coil split as well, which I don't use often, because of the Tele, but it's cool to know its there when you need it.

It sounds to me that you're looking more for a pedal, or two, if you still like playing your Mustang. If not though, then maybe a Gibson LP Studio or Epiphone LP Custom or a PRS SE Cu24, as said before. You just have to experiment. If you have a Guitar Centre (U.S) or Long and McQuade (Canada) or other guitar store nearby, bring in your amp and try out every guitar you think you would like.

Hope that helps. I don't write these big posts very often Good luck.
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I could probably get my mustang to make the sound I'm looking for if I really messed around with some different pedals. But the thing is, I'm looking for a guitar that has that sound on its own, I'm looking for a new personality in a guitar, if you know what I mean. When I crank up the gain and overdrive all the way on my orange, my mustang has a really fuzzy distorted sound which I LOVE, but I need more diversity personally. Without any distortion, a little reverb and a little time spend playing around with my EQ, it has an OK tone. But it doesn't have that rich warm sound in looking for. I think a humbucker could do the trick, but I'd rather not mess with my mustang. She does what she does well but I want something that would rather be played more like an acoustic, with a broader, thicker sound, that I'd probably get with something like a hollowbody gretsch. I'm just looking for some opinions on a good choice for me. Also, one thing about my mustang that I struggle with a lot while playing anything with less distortion is the sustain. It's just not there, it fades so quickly. I'd like to be able to record some much slower pace songs and I really do need that sustain. As far as price range goes, lets say, under $700?
A Fender Thinline Tele 72 has Humbuckers so it's pretty cool and can give you that jazzy sound you want easily, you might be able to get one for under $1000 used. A used Gibson LP Studio may be found for around your price range but you can definitely get an Epiphone LP Custom in your price range.

An Epiphone Sheraton might be a good choice.

Personally I'd look at the Fender Thinline Telecaster 72. I had one and it was really cool.

Consider the:

Hagstrom Deuce F or Deuce F Tremar

(The Tremar is available in surprising places, including Best Buy...and that could mean good things for shipping & price matching.)

Reverend has several guitars that might work for you: the Manta Ray, Flatroc and Club King models are obvious choices, as would be some of the pricier models.

A used Godin Kingpin II would be a good option:
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I actually prefer the '69 thinline telecaster to the '72. It provides more of a 'twangier' sound, I feel like it has more of a 'soul', if you will. It looks pretty similar as well: http://bavasmusic.com.au/store/images/images_big/69telethinline.jpg

I think it clocks in quite a bit cheaper too. I actually recommended this site to someone looking for pickups earlier, but I use Pro Audio Land for most of my recording equipment, and they seems to have a pretty extensive selection of everything, here's a brand new 69 thinline: http://www.proaudioland.com/fender-69-telecaster-thinline-6343.html

Let me know what you decide on in the end, I'd be very interested to hear.
He wants more of a jazzy sound, therefore humbucker would be better suited. Plus he has a single coil guitar so one with buckers would be a good choice, in my opinion.

Although the 69 Tele is cool too.
Try Godin's, assembled in the USA from parts hand-crafted in Canada and they are cheap for the quality. Also for cheap good sounding strats look into Vintage V6's.
I would probably say to go with an LP like guitar, or a semi hollow, chambered on one side or both, with humbuckers.
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