Hey guys, I've been messing around with superior drummer 2 and I'm no longer satisfied with the sound I get from it. I've been watching videos on youtube to give me direction as far as eqing goes, I have a specific and nooby question for you all, though. How do I EQ each drum individually? I.E eq the kick drum by itself with the settings it needs, the snare by itself etc. I'm running reaper and dialed in a double bass beat on loop to work on eqing that. I used the reaper EQ FX and a noise gate and was happy with it and decided to move on to crash, well I've noticed all of the drums just play through one track on reaper so the EQing i did for the kick EQed the crash as well. Can I change this? Or do I need to eq inside the superior drummer? If i need to the latter, how would I go about doing that? Thanks in advance.
In reaper, on the track with SD, click FX, you should see superior on the list, right click it and select built multi-channel routing for selected Fx. Then go into superior to the mixer and right click on the output, and select multichannel. This will then route all the individual mics to their own track.
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Superior has a 'bounce' tool - use it. It mixes each raw mic down to a separate wav file with full bleeds etc. Then you can import it into your mix and treat it just like recordings of a real kit.

There's a ton of benefits to this. You'll have much lower resource usage, and you'll be mixing it properly like real multitracked drums. The little effects rack in Superior is handy for quick demos but it's nowhere near the depth and control you get doing it properly.

One other benefit is this makes you commit to your decisions about the kit too so you don't start changing snares halfway through a production. The MIDI file is still there if you spot something you really don't like, but it definitely reduces the 'infinite tweaking' problem people have with virtual instruments.