hi , these are some old recordings of mine when i started out playing around
with guitar , they were recorded in the first 2 and a half years of learning,
(currently i am at year 5 i think)

by learning i mean i learn on my own ,i dont have any musical background
or any musical knowledge , i just kinda play what i feel bring out
some sort of emotion i have and record to listen to where it goes to

so there is not much of a musical structure to my recordings i learn by playing
and listening , always had this urge to pick up a guitar and learn ,i feel
like i have something that needs to get out but just cant get there yet where
i am able to string together the notes that emotionaly releases what i need to
get out ,although , some small parts inside these recording i have actually found
a little of that magic that emotional trip bounded to the sound my guitar produces
, i would love to really reach the level i could keep doing that but i am making slow

i have been doing this for about 5 years now and am able to play much better
but havent recorded anything new i have been messing around with ...

do you think i should drop this dream of mine ?
in your oppinion what should i work on to improve my terrible style ?
am i bad for the first 2 or so years ?
please dont hold back on me i respect critisism (hell how is that spelled )

thank you .

download (20 mb)