Hey guys, I imagine this is the right place, but let me know if I am off.

So I have been playing for years now on both acoustic and electric, and I know a fair bit about gear and whatnot, but I have no clue when it comes to acoustic pickups.

I have an old Sigma acoustic that I inherited from my great uncle Joe and I absolutely love the thing, but I recently borrowed my friend's electro acoustic and found that I really like being able to plug in. So what do you guys suggest for acoustic guitar pickups? Is there a certain price point that is really key? How do they run through standard electric amps? I have a Marshall JCM 2000.

Thanks much for the help, and let me know what other information I should include!
First off, you'd be much better off seeking advice in the Acoustic guitar forum. Pickups talked about in this thread are almost exclusively for electric guitar. Bass pickup inquiries go to the bass forum.

Second, I'd say that putting an acoustic pickup sound through a guitar amp won't sound that great. Most amp companies will offer an acoustic amp of some sort that has an XLR input too for a microphone. Usually acoustic players with a pickup will plug straight into a PA though, as the pickups are usually used for a stage setup where the guitar can be heard through FoH.
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I used a Fishman pickup in the soundhole of my Martin and really enjoyed the sound. Problem is, its one sound, one level, no eq. After abou two years I decided enough was enough and I'm currently waiting on a Seagull guitar to be delivered to me! It suited MY needs better. which was playing in a live band setting where it was important to raise and lower our volume on the fly. Otherwise, Fishman's soundhole pups are great, mine was passive, and it did the job. On a mixing board we did have to raise both volume and gain.

Secondly, I have on occasion plugged into an Amp with an Acoustic. It is not Ideal, but I made it work for the impromptu session I needed it for.
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