I don't know if this is really the right category to put this in, but here goes.
I'm 14 years old, a freshman, and I can't seem to find people to form a band with. I've been trying to start a band for a long time and only recently have I found other people that are into the same kind of music I'm into. So far, It's just me and one other guitarist. Me and my best friend were on the phone the other day and we started talking music and stuff, and he talked about how he thought bass was cool so I told him he should learn it. He's into sports and stuff though, maybe I'm being selfish or pushy. But he said it sounded cool and he'd look into it. So, if he decides to learn bass, that's three members. We still need atleast one singer and one drummer. It seems like everyone plays guitar but no one plays bass, drums, or sings. Anyways, how can I find these band members? I thought about putting an ad looking for musicians in the local secondhand paper, which people sometimes do, but I'd probably end up getting a bunch of creepy old guys. No offence, creepy old guys . Playing with my uncle, grandpa, guitar teacher, etc. is cool but I need people my age.
You´ve answered your own question......put in an add in the paper or on the wall of your local music store/guitar shop. Remember, your starting the band and you can choose to include exactly what and who you like!!


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you need to have your own intstrument and a basic knowledge on how to play!!!
Must live in bay area
we practice on Sunday´s in my garage
musical interests: graveyard, slipknot, etc.

or just find another band to join...probably the same way. That´s a good way of getting out of your own comfort zone when it comes to playing cause your possibly going to have to play other styles of music....and possibly with older musicians that you might learn a thing or two from ;-)

//a creepy old guy

p.s. were tight on musicians in my town so my band has ranged from age 46 to 19.....we´re all pretty sure that the coolest guy ever was our extra drummer that we had this summer who´s 46 ;-)
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Do you have a school paper you could put an ad in? What about other area high schools? Any of them have school papers?
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