Does anyone know how to figure out what the lowest possible gauge string set i could fit on my Martin J-28LSE is?

I don't want to ruin my new baritone but I want the lowest possible range i can make it!

I want to tune the 6th string to an A or lower.

[forbidden link]

Any ideas?
your question isnt making a whole lot of sense. are you looking for alot of tension or very little? i personally dont see the point of tuning an acoustic that low. but try a set of something like 14-60 or maybe higher i guess? I've had a 64 or 70 or something like that for my schecter electric at one point for drop b and that was a reasonable amount of tension.

but nonetheless, I think going that low with an acoustic is kind of stupid. have fun!
Well the guitar i have has a scale length of 27.5 inches and is a true baritone which naturally tunes to a C with with the recommended 6th string gauge of .070 so I was wondering how low i could go.

I've ordered some LaBella BG-M BARITONE, PHOSPHOR BRONZE – MEDIUM .015 to .080 so I'll see how that goes!

As for how it sounds, I like the idea of setting my guitar up so that my playing has to adjust to it's natural character. That's my journey. That's what I like about playing music.
dude, you do know that the idea of a baritone is that you can use the same guage strings on it as you would a normal scale length, and have them tuned lower, but keep the tension?
No! That's all i really wanted to know... Thank you!

So even if I get higher gauge strings I won't be able to tune lower?
yeah you will be able to. however if you just want to put the 6th string in A, remember that's the regular scale length equivalent of drop D. so something like 11s would be fine.

there's a lot of confusion about baritone strings, as they appear to be for baritone guitars - but they're not. they are intended for baritone tunings on regular scale guitars.