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Right then, in an attempt to shame a friend of mine, I'm trying to modify an el cheapo Ibanez Gio series electric guitar, specifically the Ibanez GRG121.

I'm thinking of installing a Bigsby vibrato, but is this possible? And if so, which model Bigsby would be best?
My concern is that the measurement from bridge pickup to the strap button is insificient to mount the tailpiece and bridge.
I have literally no experience with Bigsbys, so any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

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why waist the money?

look at the X-trems from pretty cheap compared to a Bigsby
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That will look so ridiculous. Are you going to shame your friend by making him play it?
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That wouldn't really be an improvement, TBH. The bigsby isn't really made for the types of music that guitar is built for. It'd be like putting vintage would Telecaster pickups in an Jackson dinky.

If you want to improve it for your friend, swap the electronics, upgrade the tuners and have it set up properly. The site that Robbgnarly linked (GFS parts)sells great budget pickups and hardware, so it's worth checking out. Plus, the bigsby bridges are expensive for what they do. Even if you had the work done at a music store, you would probably end up being cheaper than the Bigsby itself.
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