Ok so here's what I have to start with. I have a Squier Strat HH by fender. Yes i know its a cheap guitar. It was given to me to learn on. But like it says up there, its not the normal strat with three single coil pickups, its got two humbuckers.

So here's what I want to do. I want to get the EMG Zakk Wylde set (don't tell me about the blackouts, i already know about them and i decided on these). I've looked on the EMG website for wiring diagrams on how to install these and there aren't any to set up my guitar like it came from the factory. My guitar has three pots...One master volume and two tones, one for each pickup. And of course, you toggle between the pickups with a three way switch. I know ill have to get EMG's 3 way switch to use the solder-less setup. but how would i wire them so that it has the master volume and the two tones?

And also...before anyone asks me why i'm putting 200 dollar pickups into a 120 dollar guitar...I am more of a "built not bought" kind of guy. So yeah naturally i want to upgrade what i already have. But i do plan on getting a better guitar in the future, and this way i'll have the EMG's that i can put into the new guitar.
EMGs in a squier strat are going to sound thin, fizzy, and just all around crap. If you want to do it, then go for it, but that's a really terrible match.

To wire them, it'd be the same as any other. Just solder it like any other strat.
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Ace, if it's a Basswood body, set up well, and going through a nice rig, Shadow will be happy.

Use the regular HH schematic from the Seymour Duncan site. You'll need to do some routing if you want the 18V mod. The one I did for a friend's Squier Bullet sounded very nice through my VH4 and Uberschall Twin Jet.

Thanks for the quick responses. Like I said, I don't expect it to sound stellar what's so ever. But I'm hoping maybe they'll be better than the humbuckers that came in it. But this way I'll have the EMG's to put into a different guitar later down the road.

So I just need to go to the Seymour Duncan website and have a look?
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Lppon...the Seymour Duncan website has the same setup. Either one volume and one tone, or two volume and two tone...I want one volume, two tone...is this do-able? If not then ill just do the one volume, one tone and throw in the pa2 in the extra hole lol
Just look how your current pickups are wired and wire them in the same way, it will be exactly the same way with the exception of the jack will have an extra ground wire to the battery clip and each pickup will have an extra wire to the battery clip.

I really dislike the EMG solderless systems, I actually think its much easier just to do it the "old fashioned" way
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Do you want one volume two tone? You know the pots you have are not going to be used, correct? You will have to get 25k pots for the EMGs so you won't have to use the same setup.
Yes, unless I'm mistaken, the zakk wylde set comes with 4 25k pots. I've actually heard it comes with long shaft pots...my pots aren't long shaft but I've seen ways to use long shaft pots in a guitar meant for short shaft.

And yes, I want to keep it like it is, two tone, one volume. Unless that isn't do-able with the solderless setup. If not then I'd do one tone one volume and either do a pa-2 installed in the third hole or wire in a kill switch and put it in the third hole.
Bingo. I now think know what I'm going to do. I have decided on one volume pot and one tone pot. This leaves an open hole on the scratch plate. I am going to use a Les Paul style three way toggle switch in this last hole. I will use this to control power to the guitar. All the way down would be off (no power), middle would be 9v and all the way up would be 18v. This way I have the versatility of having the different voltages AND have the ability to just cut the power all at once.

Now if anyone thinks this won't work like I think it will, please let me know. This is all just an educated guess on whether or not the switch will be able to operate like that. Figuring out the wiring is going to be fun. And also I'm not sure if the switch is meant to handle that kind of power. So like I said...criticize me on that idea.
^^ That should work, but it's basically still just a kill switch. The wiring might get a little sloppy with that many wires, so if you're going to do it yourself id suggest practicing a hell of a lot before you begin soldering. You don't want to compromise a solder point due to having too much solder crap runoff all over your pots, switches, etc.
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Ok thanks! I'm glad to hear that my ideas are possible lol! But I have quite a bit of space in my guitar. In fact, there is a spot for a single coil pickup in between the two humbuckers. I'd kind of thought about putting an emg active single coil in there, but then I thought well then I'll need a 5 way switch and all that good stuff so, unless someone thinks it'd be a good investment, it can wait. But anyways back on topic...the empty slot between the pickups will house a battery and the other one will go into the control area under the pots. Then I'll run just enough wire to keep it clean and it should end up okay.

Now another question...the pickups... I've been looking at the 81, 85, and the 60...what combo of those pickups do you think would be good for playing music such as Asking Alexandria, The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus, Miss May I, Memphis May Fire, and occasionally I See Stars and A Day To Remember. I do still want the emg actives because I also write some music and I want the ability and sound of the emg's...so please stick with the three pickups mentioned above. Thanks in advanced.
shadow8948 which combo did you go for and did it work? I'm wanting to play similar kind of stuff, and I was just looking into how to do and what combo to go for, and I was so torn between those same 3 EMG's