Hi all,

I just bought a Visual Sound one spot combo pack to power my pedals instead of constantly buying 9V batteries, but I have run into some issues.

I'm playing an Ibanez RG series into a Ernie Ball passive volume pedal, then into the pedals I'm having issues with, then to my amp. Fender Blues Deluxe Reissue 40W combo amp.

1.) When I use it with or without the daisy chain and use it to power my Fulltone OCD or my MXR super badass distortion, I get this "popping" sound that is on a tempo, so-to-speak. In other words, it makes this popping noise to a beat.

2.) When I use the one spot to power my Boss TU-3 tuner, it simply doesn't work. The "check" light will blink on at the same rate that the popping sound goes off, but turning it on/off doesn't change anything and it doesn't recognize the guitars signal.

Any idea on why this might be happening? It seems to me like the popping noise could be a result of the one spot not rectifying the AC signal from the wall properly, causing it to send AC power instead of DC into my pedals, which could be the reason that the noise is on a consistent beat (due to 60Hz a second frequency from the wall).

Anyways, I've searched and haven't found anybody with a similar problem, it seems. Any input?
Hi. I love
i ALWAYS plug my 1 spot into a power strip. always. second off, i know for a fact it works fine with all boss pedals. used it on a boss tuner myself at some point.

should have no issue with a OCD.

i myself am on the verge of maxing out the 1 spot. its not the cleanest, quietest thing. i most have a noise issue when i have 2+ gain pedals on, like an OD and boost. VERY noisy. i mean, thats always going to happen, but moreso with a daisy chained power.

i am a few weeks away from a redeisng of my board, gotta make it longer, and encorporate isolated power.
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