Hey everyone, so I was never really able to play by ear, or figure parts out by ear, or well basically my ear was pretty useless.
Recently I started to notice that I'm beginning to pick up some simple melodies and figure them out, and they sound pretty accurate. Before I go and devote a bunch of energy to doing this though, does anyone have experience learning to play/figure things out by ear this way? Looking for some more input on the idea from you guys.
Also, does anyone know where I can find recordings of (a lot) of short melodies or phrases, that also preferably have tab/transcriptions of them? It'd be nice to have something to just dive right into with this approach, and then to be able to double check it.
I only learn by ear nowaday, except for the occasional gig where they give me a pile of sheet music.

Learning by ear is a great way to improve your creative thinking and improvisation. A big part of my practice session is to just sit with my loop pedal, lay down a chord or chord progression, then sing something over it and then try to play it on guitar right after.

There are lots of ways you can practice getting your ear better. Transcribing tunes, singing scales/arpeggios as you play them, sing lines and try to play them on your instrument right after etc. There are tons of possibilities.

As for the recordings, i am not aware of any collections of short phrases, sorry. I would recommend looking into the mainstream pop music though and learning their vocals by ear, on guitar. Even if you don't like the music, that kind of stuff is great because they have simple melodies all over the place.

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