I have a strat copy that started out life as an SSS. It plays very well and sounds great, the middle and neck single coils sound fine but I just want more power in the bridge. I just got a humbucker and want to turn it into an HSS. I have done pickup swaps before so thats not a problem, but I have never done anything with a single and humbucker in the same guitar. I was wondering what I should do about the pots. What is the difference between the 250k and 500k pots? I know single coils use 250k and humbuckers use 500k but what would happen if a humbucker was used with a 250k or a single coil with 500k. What do HSS strats normally come with? What about capacitors? I have some spare 500k pots so should I change them all or just the volume or just a tone or just leave it at 250k?