Hey everyone. This is my first post on this forum. I come to this site a lot but I've been trying to figure out the tab for Exploding by Jim James. I'll post a link below (sorry, I have no idea how to embed or make a link clickable!) I figured out by watching the video that the final chords are D, Bm, G, into A. But the rest of the song is a little difficult. Any help would be great...thanks!

[forbidden link]
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Yep that's the song! Looks like youtube removed that video. The one that I've been watching is titled: Jim James "Exploding" Minneapolis,Mn 4/21/13 HD

It gives a good view of Jim James and his guitar. That's the video I've been watching to figure out how to play Exploding.

For the intro. He has many variations here and there when live, so this is from the studio album. Then again he still plays it 95% the same.

Capo 1st fret. This tab is in relation to the capo. Meaning you count your 1st fret from your capo. Just saying to avoid confusion since I tabbed out the one below from the original fret boards of the guitar.

As I recall he repeated this 3 times?

I'm confident that this is 97% accurate. A bit confusing at the end, but he's just strumming and picking the D chord alternately. Easy to get once you feel the rhythm.

At 2:25 he goes


From here you can already know by yourself what fret he strums with his pinky while doing the chords.

Then into the D, Bm, G, A, then end.

I'll submit the complete tab in a week or two depending on how I'm busy. Since no one made it yet.

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