Hi, I was out looking for gutars for sale, 'cause I have nothing to do at 1 AM, and I found a guy who was ready to sell or trade his Jackson DK2M red for 400$ or do an trade with something else. I'd like to know : If I trade my Godin Lg Hmb flame top for his Jackson DK2M made in Japan, am I making a good deal? btw, I dont care about the floyd I'll probably block it off.

Do you have any horrible experiences with a DK2M, or is it, in your opinion, one of the best guitars out there?

It would be sortof a sideway trade. both guitars are worth pretty much the same...

Those two guitars are completely different from each other though. Do you want a more metal sound or do you want versatility? What other guitars do you have? What amp do you have?

They're both good guitars. However a blues player would be horribly dissapointed with the jackson and a hard rock player would be dissapointed with the Godin

EDIT: If you don't want to use a floyd, don't get a guitar with a floyd.... I'm changing my answer from "maybe do it" to "don't do it"
^ agreed, i'd probably hang onto the godin, especially if you know you don't want a floyd.
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I guess it's a matter of taste but I don't like Floyds too much. Makes changing strings / even tuning sometimes a pain in the ass (even though the Jackson I had kep its tune very well), and even if you block it I feel like it impacts the sound negatively... but that's just me. I'd keep the Godin.