Which guitar solos are well suited to begin?
I play rhythm guitar (punk, metal, metalcore) but want to change the lead guitar (only metal!) But I have no idea what songs (solo) are well suited as a beginner :/
Does anyone have suggestions


Ps: I listen Avenged Sevenfold, Metallica, Slipknot, Escape the Fate (my favorites)
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Metallica alone has a discography full of solos that are good for progression. I assume this has been suggested to death in the past, but Nothing Else Matters and Enter Sandman has pretty easy solos.
If you listen to Metallica, why dont you pick one of their solos? Dont go for the one that is the easiest, but for one which interests you enough to stick with it and learn it Avenged Sevenfold is certainly more for advanced players.
Seeing as you like them, the solo to Warmness On The Soul by A7X is a good starting point. It is very easy.
The first song I learned all the solos to as a lead player was Metallica's Trapped under Ice. who cares about easy...
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a fairly simple metal solo that is easy to learn is Megadeth's "Sweating Bullets". great solo for picking practice. this is the first solo I ever learned.

another solo that is great for learning is Metallica's "Fade to Black". quite a few common and great sounding techniques in that solo. metallica songs are a great way to learn basic solo theory.
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The first impressive solo I learnt was Iron Maiden's Hallowed Be Thy Name, maybe give that a bash? However, if you like Metallica, their stuff would present a good little challenge, and be quite fun. If you want to give tapping a try, I'd recommend One, it's impressive and quite easy once you can tap, at least the tapping bit is, anyway, I never learnt the rest of it. If you dig into your favourite bands, you'll find something, no doubt! I'd say the most important part is telling yourself you'll one day be able to do some of Synyster Gates' chromatic runs, or the Scream solo, it's always important to have a long term goal that you work towards once you have all the basic techniques down.
The sweet child o mine intro solo is pretty ez.
Also I would try some black Sabbath because there guitarist Tony Iommi plays simple solos
Metallica's Nothing Else Matters solo is also not too hard and it's a cool solo to play.