I've played a lot of shows, and for the first few songs I have no energy, I feel dead. Then after about 4 songs, I'll get all energetic and have this adrenaline for the rest of the show and it will carry on until a few hours after the show. I just need to be able to walk out on stage and be all energetic. So what techniques to you guys you to get yourself all excited and confident before a show? Thanks
Drink, light one up...or fact is most bands that arent headliners dont hit stride for a few songs as the crowd gets warmed up. You're not Metallica coming out to 20 thousand fans knowing every word and riff.
'I love her, but I love to fish...I'm gonna miss her"
I don't really do anything that would signify that I'm about to go to stage, I don't have all that "adrenaline" stuff you describe, it's just normal stuff for me.