hi guys it me again

as i said before im still searching for effect pedals but im not in a hurry i dont need them right now

and there is a few effects on my list which i will order them from ebay but today when i opened a website which its a local site for selling musical instruments inside BAHRAIN i found an add about the boos gt3

and the price is 132USD is it a good price for a used pedal and what do you thing about the about this multi effects unit In general
Based on my local (Australian) used market, that seems a reasonable price.

They can be quite generic sounding, though.
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That's an alright price. That's really old tech though, I'm tempted to say that it's not worth any price because it sounds so meh. The exception being if there are no other options, of course.

See if there's anything like a Boss ME70, or better yet, a Line 6 POD XT for that price.
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