Poll: Which robot wins the royal rumble?
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4 21%
3 16%
0 0%
3 16%
0 0%
9 47%
Voters: 19.
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Who is the winner?






All 6 suits are placed in a dome it's ceiling at the tallest point sits at 1 mile and tapers to a quarter mile at the edge. the diameter of the surface area is 50 miles, the terrain is varied including a cityscape woods and even a river feeding a lake. Which one wins.
Who the hell do you think it is?

Also #1 is broken.

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The Atlas wins.

The Atlas always wins.

Except when there's a King Crab involved.
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inb4 jay
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Depends on the algorithm

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Depends on the algorithm


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You know I don't understand geometry jokes

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Robo Nunu
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i irresponsibly voted for deathscythe because it's the only one i recognize
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This dude used to be unstoppable.

this song

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well everoyne knows eerything is ****ing bullshit, even gundam deathscythe hell custom (that shit is so ****ing impractical in real life and trust me i know my gunda,)

now let me tell you, if you want a sure bet, you would bet on some Universal Century Gundam.

not only are you gonna get a suit that's incredibly powerful and could beat the shit out of most Gundam Wing suits, but you're gonna get something that's a lot more pratctical than a lot of what you potsted

now here's the thign, there's Super Robot shows, and there Real Robot shows

TTGL and most of the other stuff you'veposted are Super Robot shows, which operate with no regard to real life physics, etc.

Now, Gundam initially operated steeped heavily in real-life physics, only bending the rules slightly for Minovsky Particle physics. Aside from that, most of the technology would be possible and viable within the near future (at least in space, which was the way Yoshiyuki Tomino initially invisioned it), which is why Gundam (the original timeline, not Wing) was dubbed a "real robot" anime.

Shit dude, I'll tell you, the ZZ Gundam could lay waste to /all/ of these ****ing robots, even as impractical as it is.

And the UC suits only got stronger, even as they decreased in size. Kinda liek how cell phoens got stronger even thoguht they got smollar.

So liek, I'd like to see any of tehse suits go up against like, the F91 or something. It'd be lighteweight, agile, and powerful.

But **** it, like Nu Gundam could destroy any of thsoe robots AND it would actually be viable and possible to build within a few hundred years, UNLIKe any of the ones posted

So like, **** man, watch some Gundam other than Wing, it's a ****ing fantastic metaseries, but nothing really compares to the absolutely massive universe that's been carved out of the Universal Century.

This counts right?
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Clearly Yoshimi would win.
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