Hi, a really wierd thing happened to me. Im gonna audition for vocals for the musical "jesus christ superstar" for my school in a week. The songs im gonna sing is "gethsemane" and "king herods song". Yesterday i practiced the lyrics and melodies by just listening to them on repeat with headphones. When i woke up doday, i realized that i have been listening to them on repeat in sleep for 9 hours or so. When i started listening to them today they just sounded wierd and like i was listening to them for the first time. Yesterday i could all the lyrics backwards, but now i dont remember half of them. Its also that every new chord and tone sound wierd and out of tune and like the vocals is in another key than the rest of the song and all the words sound wierd. I have been listening go them awake alot today, but they still sound wierd. All other music sound normal. This is kinda scary since im auditioning for this in a week.

I just wonder (since this is a forum with just musicians/ music lovers) if anyone have been experincing something like this?
You'll get over it I'm sure.

I can only remember falling asleep with QotSA's Sky Is Fallin' years ago, and then being waken up to the news that my great uncle died. I didn't have that effect but that was a really weird morning.
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fell asleep listening to limousine by brand new and had the most depressing day when i woke up. nothing even happened, that song just kills me.

i always send my songs to cute tumblr girls and they always tell me that the songs are so good that they fall asleep to them so no i have never fallen asleep to the same song on repeat
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Yes I have, next question please.
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I fell asleep once listening to one of Opeth's live DVDs. I was asleep, but at the same time conscious of the music. It was almost like having sex. Well, at least with a semi sexy girl. One of the strangest moments of my life. I've tried to replicate it by smoking, drinking whatever...but nothing.
I consistently fall asleep to music. Lately it's been a combination of Jake Bowen and Devin Townsend. It can be anything from that, to Mastodon, to the OoT soundtrack, to Megadeth, and more

I never seem to tire of it but I can't say anything about strange dreams or hearing the music differently though if I take sleeping meds that can trigger odd dreams though
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fell asleep listening to limousine by brand new and had the most depressing day when i woke up. nothing even happened, that song just kills me.

That song is so sad.
I fall asleep every night to Kooyanisqatsi on loop.
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I only fall asleep after everything is shut off, i have brushed my teeth and washed,,and all the doors have been locked. So no, i have never slept with music on.
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I fell asleep listening to a Learn French tape then could only say "Omelette du Fromage".

If it's noisy I put a chill song on with a steady slow beat and loop it, sleep like a baby.
Set the Controls for the Heart of the Sun by Floyd used to put me to sleep every night without any need to repeat it.

But that was back in the day of walkmans, I don't even think they could repeat back then. I'd alway wake up with the cord wrapped around my neck from the headphones, though.
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I fall asleep every night to Kooyanisqatsi on loop.

How on earth do you manage that? Far too ominous for sleeping.

Bang on a bit of New York Counterpoint if you're on the minimalism hype