Hi folks!

Long time lurker here. Just joined cause I am ready to purchase a used 7 (cause college = low budget) and I'll be grateful if you give me your opinions.

Guitar no1:
RG 7321 hardtail, refinished in "Vampyre Red Satin" (yeah whatever), D-sonic7 bridge pup. Goes for 240 euros.

Guitar no2:
RG series (doesn't say which one, although he says the serial is F0018xxx which means japan right?) The owner refurbished it almost completely (new electronics, D-Activators7 pups, gotoh tuners) and reliced it at a guitar-tech-studio (don't really know if I like this). This one has a "Floyd Rose license "Takeuchi-made in Japan"-Ibanez lo-trs trem" is this a good vibrato unit? He sells it for 400 euros.

G1: smart.noiz.gr/details.php?id=159710
G2: smart.noiz.gr/details.php?id=159578

Which one is the most bang for my buck? (provided that everything is as perfect as they describe it)

i would think the RG7321 wil be best bang for buck for that price, damn i would love to see them sell for that little in my country xD
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Rg7321 that way you can tune to your liking without the Floyd causing problems.
Hmmm, the refurbished one has the costs of electronics/wiring already covered... I am not certain. May be wait for some more opinions..
If you can afford it, the rg7420 will be a better guitar. Plus it already has upgraded pickups, so win-win there. But it depends if you want a floyd or not.
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If you're new to guitar you may want to start out with a fixed bridge to keep things easier, keep the guitar in tune, change tunings, replace strings, etc. I've been toying with the idea of getting a trem system on my next guitar but I enjoy playing rhythm and would use it maybe <5% of the time. I believe its common for many folks to get guitars with a trem system and then either never use it or actually block it. If you go with a trem then be sure that's really what you want.
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