These well be kinda.. newbie questions but how could I reach to mute a string when it's between the others that are played? (X in tab) Even, what's the best way not to strum a string when it's between two others? Like, in a diminished power chord. Your answers are appreciated.

Thank you
If you want to play an octave, like


With your index finger that is pressing down the low E fifth fret. Usually you should fret the strings with the tips of your fingers but your index finger should be flatter, fret the string between the tip and flat of your finger and rest of the finger is slightly touching the other strings, muting them out. Even those that are not X out. Every string that is not played should be muted either with your index finger and/or fretting hand if humanly at all possible. All it takes is a slight touch.

With electric guitar and using lots of gain you have to have your index finger almost always like that (considered poor technique in classical/acoustic guitars) because otherwise you'll have lots of string noise. Learning to mute is important.

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^ yeah, you get used to muting.

another option is kinda cheating and doing hybrid picking. I.e. pick the lower-pitched string with the pick and pick the higher-pitched string with your 2nd finger. I do that a lot, it's far handier for me
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