So my alternate picking completely sucks and I want to improve it. To do this, I've been trying to practice scale grouping exercises. For example, for a one octave descending B minor scale I'll play:


So I have to ask, is it better to start with a down stroke on the first B note, or up? I'm thinking it's just preference but I don't know if there's a widely preferred way of doing it that just happens to be easier. I'm trying them both and they're about equally as difficult for me so maybe I just answered my own question...
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it's more intuitive to start with a downstroke because that's the downbeat. most people find downstrokes easier than upstrokes, so that's how most people play it.

so it technically doesn't matter, but i'd just start with the downstroke for simplicity's sake. but as you get better, you will be able to do it either way without too much difficulty.
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