Traded my ashdown fa40 for 200 $

Replaced it with bugera v22 for 345 $

Play blues to classic or 80s rock


Deals done and it doesn't matter...but always hate losing money on trades. Ashdown seemed a little bass heavy and geard more to metal...imo

Just looking to feel good about it
I know nothing about the ashdown, but I have a Bugera V5, and after a tube & speaker change, that thing is a gem. Perfect for 80% of what I play.
You will always be on the loosing end of the trade in. But I have done this a few times when I just can not move a piece of gear. I am actually taking my Bugera 333, a set of EV loud speakers to GC in a few days because I can not move them and it has been over 5 months on Clist
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Yea, I posted that ashdown a few times on CL. The GC guy said the last one that sold sat for like 12 months in another store and it went for 240$. I took 200$, would have like 225, But got 10% off the bugera which was 376 new.
i owned a v22. nice lil amp. desperately needed a 5751 in v1. get ridd of the fizz. that immidiately made it sound better.
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