I got the mxr m108 10 band eq and love it! I does have a little hiss to it at times but have heard about mods for it and saw a video of the before and after and it was a lot quieter. Anyone here done this? Does the mod really work that well and worth it? If so what all do I need to do it and is it difficult or expensive? I have also heard of using a noise gate with it but I'd rather not buy and have another pedal in the mix if I can just mod the mxr. Less cluter. Sry about the 21 questions.
I don't have any info directly on the MXR.

But, here is something to consider. All noise specifications are "weighted" to the human ear's general frequency response. That tends to make more impressive numbers when stating S/N ratios.

Our ears are quite sensitive in the upper mid range & high frequencies. (Highs tend to go away though, as you age, (particularly in men), and after you listen to too much, too loud music.

"Hiss", is resistive noise, and it's quite difficult to get rid of. It's also centered around the top two sliders of your EQ. So, when you boost the high end, you drag the noise floor up with it!

I have a Berhinger cheapie digital chorus. It's stone quiet. However, there's a ton of noise in my Peavey eCoustic amp. (Analog choruses, for all the hype, are noisy as hell).

Look for your other sources of noise. The volume and tone pots in your guitar, the amp effects loop, too long, too noisy cables, and eliminate their possibility as sources of noise, before you start taking the EQ apart.