Hey there. I have an Ibanez S420 right now the with Edge Zero bridge Ibanez likes to put on their axes. I'm not really too fond of it and I was just wondering if anyone has every swapped one of these out for a Floyd Rose, or if there was any special precautions I should take if I try to go down that road. The bridges are fairly similar in size, I'm sure the cavity in the body will be fine as well, I'm more so worried about the back, where the EZ has the quick spring adjustment knob and stuff.

Anyways, primarily I'm just looking for an answer to "is this possible?" and if there's any concerns I should acknowledge prior to doing so !

Cheers !
It is possible.
If I'm not mistaken and remember correctly, the Zero Trem is routed deeper on one side.
But, where everything bolts and screws up, is the same... If I remember correctly. Ha.
I don't think it's a direct swap. You might post this on Jemsite though, you'd get more answers there.