so i'm new to guitar playing and bought an ibanez grx20 guitar with a box pathfinder 15r amp. the problem is, when i crank up the boost/volume or use a distortion pedal, the amp starts making this buzzing noise. is this normal because the amp is cheap or could it be the tremolo springs in the back. should i add some foam to the tremolo springs or what should i do. whenever i press on the guitar jack where the connector goes or hold the tremolo springs a little bit or hold down guitar strings, the sound goes away, but if i let go it keeps making the buzzing noise. i checked the ground wire and it looks fine. i bought the guitar brand new. any advice is appreciated. thank you!
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i was able to solve the problem! turns out the power bar i was using to connect did not have a ground, therefore causing the buzzing noise. once i directly plugged the amp into the wall, the buzzing noise went away.
Electronic buzzing is usually a grounding issue, either in the guitar itself or in the power system leading up to the amp. You'll begin to pay closer attention to grounding issues after the first time you walk up to a mike with an ungrounded guitar in your hand and experience the jolt your lower lip conducts when you contact the mike. Enlightening.