So the past two nights I actually performed for people. First night just my parents but tonight I had a small audience of their friends. This included some singing, which to be honest was a big deal for me.

Enough about me, I'm wondering how you guys started... Was it jamming with others? Your teacher forced you (Dallas Green hehe), or just people eager to hear you?
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First night just my parents

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"This one goes out to all the ladies."

I played with my church band, so I was pretty nervous the first few times. But then I realized I was playing bass and it took pretty much no skill and I didn't have to worry about messing up because the piano guy turns himself up over everyone anyways.
very slowly. i started off playing guitar, then playing guitar to friends, then playing guitar to friends that play guitar, then jamming with friends, then playing shows playing guitar, then singing in the shower, then singing while driving, then singing with friends, then doing backup singing in the band, then singing at shows, then playing guitar and singing at solo shows, then playing bars, then basically none of that in the last month but i've been holed up in my room for most of it writing music
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Back in high school I joined a band a year after taking guitar lessons on rhythm, and learned their songs. Played a show a couple of months after joining them. I've always been really laid back and carefree so I don't worry or get anxiety about performing live until like 5 minutes before I go on. That is a long five minutes.
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First time playing in front of a lot of people what at a basement show. From there I just did more and more festivals and shows at my school. Then played a few gigs at various bars and clubs. Lots of fun.
My favourite bar has a jam night every Sunday where you go up and perform with your own band, by yourself of with the very talented house band. I like to get very drunk and stoned and let loose up there, I have been doing it every Sunday for about three years.
Talent show in high school, I was super nervous and wanted to back out because the singer failed to learn the song.

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