Hey guys and gals!I just wanted to know which Gibson guitar besides explorer and flying v would be good for melodic death metal,black metal,thrash metal etc.I already have two Jacksons an I'm craving a Gibson right now.Would a Gibson sg do the trick?How about the les Paul's?Thanks for the help.
That's an interesting question. Is there really a difference in sound from the Les Paul vs the SG? I didn't know the SG was more metally sounding. Looks maybe, but does the body shape change the tone all that much?
the big problem with most gibsons for heavier stuff (at least the heavier stuff which you need tightness for) is that they have 24.75" scale lengths, which leads to less tension in the strings for any given string gauge and tuning, which leads to a warmer and less tight tone.

Now... it's pretty subtle. And plenty of metal players use Gibsons. But there you are.

I'm not sure there's that much difference between the (solid body) more usual gibson models for metal, but I could well be wrong. Well... the V and Explorer have higher output ceramic pickups, so out of the box they're probably more geared towards metal, to be fair.
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