Hey guys, just picked up a Schecter C-7 SGR from a buddy of mine for 100 bucks.

Unfortunately my camera is garbage, and I'm not too good with editing, so I used to Paint to crop them down.

For 100$, this guitar was a steal. After a little tweaking with the intonation and bridge height, I'm very comfortable with it.

The fretwork leaves a bit to be desired as it is a little sloppy. The 16th fret buzzes all the time, even if the action is overly high. My plan with the guitar is to completely de-fret it anyhow, so I'm not too worried about that.

As far as the pickups go... they aren't terrible. That being said, they aren't great either. The bridge pickup is fairly twangy, and the tone knob is a little less dynamic than I'd like. With distortion, the guitar seems to have very weak attack and not very much sustain. I think I'll upgrade it with a SD Jazz in the neck and possibly a D-activator or Sustaniac in the bridge.

There's a tiny chip off the surface of the headstock at the very top, but it's hardly noticeable and not a big deal at all. The matte finish is pretty cool, I'm definitely not used to that.

It stays in tune fairly well considering how sh*tty the machine heads seem to be.
All in all, a pretty cool addition to my collection. It will be even cooler after I'm finished de-fretting it.

In addition, I've come to realize that an 8 string would be more ideal, as I find myself down-tuning a fair bit, and trying to continue my downward legato onto a lower string.
Sounds like you have a project guitar...hope you have fun with it, during the upgrades and after!
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Yeah It's already pretty decent. Are you suggesting that if it was fretless, it would not be a nice player?