I loved it. Took me right back to my youth and all the brilliant music that was produced for an 8-bit SID chip.

I've been searching forever for someone to transcribe the Cybernoid 1 tune into tab.

I'm capable of playing it, but I'm not good enough to learn how to play it by ear.

Any chance you could do it? And tab for the Ocean loader? I've searched all the forums, guitar/c64/Amiga etc but can't find anyone capable of tabbing them out.

There were some brilliant tunes for c64 and I'd love to play them, particularly Cybernoid which is perfect for guitar with a stomping bass line.

I hope you get this....I'll keep checking back in hope.
Can anyone write the tab for this or know where I could find it?

It'll be a bit tricky to tab with all the slides/bends....but I'd love to play it....

I just can't do it myself!
Unfortunately no tabs for it, learned it by ear... Sorry for the late reply.