Hey guys, I have a question, I currently plan to change my guitar, and I have these 2 in mind, they fit my budget

1. BC Rich Warbeast Trace Tremolo
2. ESP EX 50

Now I generally play metalcore and stuff like that, and currently use a Marshall 15W amp, what do you guys think would be a better buy?
Arent these two guitars in different price category? BC Rich is step higher price bracket though that is not clear indicator of quality, plus BC Rich has poor track record when it comes to cheaper guitars. Atleast it comes with Floyd Rose Special instead of licensed tinfloyd, atleast according to BC Rich website.

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I own a BCR and an ESP, and they are both amazing, but I'm more of a BCR guy. Go with the BC Rich, the warbeast is so comfortable to play, unlike the ESP, and sound better IMO.
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