I have a 1970 Garcia classical, the Sherry-Brener (sp?) model assembled in Japan. Found it in pawn shop, liked the tone, price was right, etc.

So, wife got pissed at me the other day and grabbed the strings and pulled as hard as she could, and the wood piece at the far end of AWAY from the headstock (toward the body) pulled off. It looks like a relatively simple repair -- glue that piece back down. But I'm wondering about the tensions from holding six strings in tune....that would have to be some mighty strong glue. Ultimately,, it seems like it was glued down in the first placed, so there must be a product that can handle this.

As you can probably tell, I am a newbie in terms of guitar repair stuff. I can manage a string change, but beyond that I go to luthiers. However, I have an urge to learn to be more hands-on, and gluing down that piece (damn, I know I should know what it's called, now I sound like a total dumbass...) seems fairly simple. Plus, it is a relatively cheap guitar from a pawn shop and a luthier would probably charge me half what I paid for it to fix it. But mostly it's not the money, I just want to become more of a DIY guitar guy.

Thanks for any advice people may give.


p.s. Unless I was not clear enough in my description, I am talking about the very last piece of wood that is glued to the body that you tie the strings onto, before you then run strings over the bridge, down the neck over the nut and into the tuner pegs.
get some Titebond. best wood glue on the planet. dont forget plenty of clamps too. as long as you clamp everything down tight you wont have a problem with the bridge moving under tension
Yeah Titebond glue clamps and get a new wife.
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If the original glue job was done with hide glue(likely) make sure that all traces of it are removed before you re-glue the piece. Tite bond wont hold worth a damn if there is old glue on there.

Best be would be to get some "Old Brown" and glue it up with that. (Its hide glue in a liquid form - easy to work with and no messy glue pots to deal with)
That's called the bridge.Use titebond glue. The stuff in the red bottle. Ya, clean the bottom of the bridge off. You want to use the titebond over the hide glue because with hide glue you want a more accurate gluing surface as opposed to the one you're gonna have. Titebond works better for the "sloppier" glue joins.