Hi, I just finished a new post-rock/downtempo track. It's somewhat jazzy and somewhat dreamy. It also features a ukulele doing shoegaze.


And of course, C4C! I'll definitely give you a critique back.
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The first couple minutes are pretty chill. I really like when the ukulele comes in.
I really feel like there should have been some kind of climax or at least change in intensity around 2:45; you've had the same laid back vibe for a too long, I feel like there needs to be some kind of change. The layering in this section's pretty sweet, and I like your arrangement, but I feel like it should build to something. That whole layered section keeps building up, then just plateaus during the last couple repeats and then falls off. It feels like it's building towards something, and then just dies. I think you could definitely throw in a harder section either here or at 2:45.

Overall, it's pretty cool, it just needs more contrast.

As far as C4C, it'd be cool if you could check this out.
If not heavier, than maybe just a section with some more contrast. You could have the drums switch to something more hectic/energetic, while still keeping the song clean and relatively soft. Maybe some sort of bridge. The song just doesn't feel complete as is; it feels like an album interlude if anything.
Soldier Poet,
Thank you for the reviews! Now your tune: this is pretty trippy! This reminds me of Sneaker Pimps a little bit (a compliment).....mixed with Don Ho! At 3:15, I feel the drums are too loud. I hear some clicks here & there, don't know if that is intentional or not. The whole song is interesting, and I like it, though I like the first half the best. Overall, a cool song!
C4C?! I got some NIN vibes with the background for the very first part of the intro. I like the calmness of the guitar with all the layers and textures going on in the background and then playing the chords up an octave to make it sound like a mandolin (is that what you did?). I like this. My song is "It's Alright" right below yours derp..... it says ukelele...sorry
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Nice jazzy groove you got there. The buildup to the ukele is cool and atmospheric which I like. I like this post-rock kind of stuff. The jazzy lead fills throughout the song are great. I don't think the ukelele works well with this song though, atleast not the melody its playing but oh well that's just me. The parts after that are really cool and I like how you keep adding little bits of stuff here and there, its fun. The outro sounds very nifty haha. Cheers!

C4C? https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1618478
Really interesting intro. Is that bass tapping that I hear in the beginning? The ambient effects in the background give it a bit of a "trippy" feeling. 1 minute in to the song and it remains quite trippy :p The ideas are still developed, which is good to hear. Nice little interlude when the ukelele comes in. The idea of the whole song is very unique which is hard to come by nowadays. The production of the track sounds quite nice too. I like it when the bass and electric guitar come in after this ukelele interlude. Nice tasty lines. The percussion used is quite different too.

Overall, really original work. Keep it up!

Nice intro, the drums give it a great vibe. The jazzy clean guitar has such a smooth tone, love it. The layering on the ukelele part was amazing, actually listened to that part a few times cause I kept on hearing new things. The mix is really well done, I don't think I'd change anything.

I didn't see the ending coming, but it definitely works. Well done
For the first minute of this I really wasnt sure on this or where it was going. But once it settled in to itself it became a good piece of modern chill out music with some interesting twists and turns. It could make some good video backing music.

This style of music is not really my thing but I am sure there are people out there who will really appreciate this.

The overall sound and feel is great. I just feel it should be a bit more direct and straight to the point.

A C4C would be really appreciated https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?p=32015651#post32015651
Climaxes are overrated. Ever heard of Karezza? No, really. It's used way too much, and it makes us numb. I'm not saying there's anything wrong with climaxes, their effect is just much bigger when it's not overused. This understated tune is really good, and proves that you can really create a suspenseful track without it ever releasing.

Good job man! Lots of great elements. Really enjoying the uke parts.
Would appreciate it if you checked out our new song: https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?p=32021076#post32021076 - although if you have the time, I think you should check out Trapped (In The Future) or Mind You from our unfinished EP. I think they're more in your style.
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Loving the tune man. The arrangement was really nice and the everything that was going on in the low end gave track a really nice groove. Keep up the good work!
I think I remember you listening to one of my songs when I put out that weird experimental track. You obviously have a better grip on that kind of thing than I do. Really great mastery of production and layering, I'm really impressed. Although there isn't much to say either because it's all so disorienting and challenging to listen to (in a good way). It definitely held my attention all the way through though...

This is a proggy metal song I just wrote. Please leave some love!

I really really love this. You have a fantastic sound, smooth and dynamic sound going on here. Very tasteful production with the effected drums in the back and all the ambient things going on around them, accompanied by a groovy yet simple bass line. Great. I wasn't too crazy about the ukulele part to be honest though. I think it dragged out a bit, but it's definately not a dealbreaker. The following part is awesome, again delicious details surrounding the steady rythm. Very good stuff, I'm now a fan of yours on soundcloud. Oh and it's nice to see a song titled after the capital of my native country, definately a +1 for that!

If you have the time you can check out and feedback on an instrumental piece I just finished:
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