Monday November 4th is the new deadline!
Send your pieces to jwb7ed (at) virginia.edu
profile pm should work too if you need but email might be easier

The rules, basically, as outlined by wehavesound in the old thread:
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1. Each competitor has to get blind, crying, pathetically destructively drunk. If it's at an inapropriate time and on their own, even better. If you're having trouble seeing things and holding a pen, even better than that. Unconscious is also acceptable if you can scribble a few words when you come round.
2. Then write a poem.

Drink, and then write. It's not hard, I do it all the damn time.

Anyone who writes while sober will only be cheating themselves, but to make this a little more entertaining I want pictures submitted with the piece, of the chosen tipple, and during + after it's demise. I also think it would be nice to have all the poems hand written, and a picture of the manuscrpt sent along with the typed and very importantly UNEDITED text too.

If you think this is too much, then just get hammered and write something good. 9 places open, but if you miss out get drunk anyway and send me some pictures, I might put them up anyway as I try and get the group stages sorted in a stupor.

So yeah. Get drunk, write something (preferably by hand), take a picture of you and your choice of booze (you don't have to take a picture of yourself if that makes you uncomfortable, but it will be much more fun if you do), take a picture of your handwritten piece if you did it by hand, transcribe it if you want to try (BUT DON'T EDIT--feel free to post edited versions in the main forum for us to talk about though), and send all of these things to me. It would probably be smart to use e-mail so send appropriate (or not ) materials to jwb7ed (at) virginia.edu

I expect heart pouring, weird and unexplainable messes, and some moments of dazed, radiant, brilliance.

-Just post some form of "In" to join up, AND/OR the name of a famous drunkard of your choice. I'll plan to leave the signups open for about a week. Send the poems and pictures whenever you get done, but I'll put a deadline on it once we get participants.
-We can do +3 +2 +1 for points scoring.

Recruits (note: the names in parentheses are unrelated and purely for amusement):
1. Jimmy (James Joyce)
2. Dylan (Dylan Thomas)
3. Bluesybilly (Billy Burroughs)
4. Keeno (Ernest Hemingway)
5. Andre (F. Scott Fitzgerald)
6. Eccer (John Berryman)
7. Mat (Baudelaire)
8. Nick (Raymond Carver)
9. Saaaadia (Elizabeth Bishop)
10. JakeRooster (William Faulkner)
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Awesome roster. Let's do it.

I'm gonna set the deadline as next tuesday. I'll be out of the country at that point so don't know how prompt i can be putting up voting. if you finish late, don't be afraid to send it in just in case I get it in time.

also if you guys think there should be more time/want to have halloween weekend to write, let me know here and I'll bump the deadline back.
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Yes! We can add more spots if anyone really wants to join or join as a sub. Ten is a good number though.
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I wrote it, but I typed it on my computer. It's how I write everything, so I just kinda fell into the habit. I'll get drunk again tonight and scratch it on some paper.
Okay I wrote it, I just have one question.

Sometimes I write stuff in portuguese; sometimes I don't remember the words in English ( or simply don't know them ), so I put them in quotes to later translate them. The thing I wrote has both this cases. I assume it's better to translate everything, and include typos, if there are any. What do you think ?
Well, yeah, I mean, I wouldn't understand any of it, but it's healthy for a writer to write on its own language as well. There are some things I learned from writing in english that I apply to my portuguese style of writing and vice-versa. I still think mine needs the segment to be translated though xD
when does this end? because im very busy during the week, and my only chance to get drunk is on the weekends

also i might not be able to this weekend

lol but i still really want to do this!

Edit: at the ABSOLUTE latest, i can have this in by next weekend
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I only have like two submissions so far so you can plan on it being a little late going up

Also, andre, I say just send it with the Portuguese. It might make it more interesting/intense even. Just however you wrote it is what's most important. If you want to try to translate it then awesome but the original is the focus.

Keeno, how about you can just send me what you have then if you get another one done before I get everyone else's you can send it too and I'll just use whichever you prefer
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