I am a beginner guitarist. I am good at fretting, but my strumming, however, is not the best. I can never figure out what pattern to use. Are there any tips? Also, any other good tips for learning how to play guitar?
basicaly for fast playing i tend to hold my pick like paul gilbert and also this will crucial listen to the tone of the string because a lot of the tone is in your right hand(quiet,loud,stacato,palm muting) all these techniques come from finding your confortable way to hold the pick and listening to all the sound possibilities pinch harmonic etc these techniques all come not from looking at your righthand closely instead by listening how the tone changes
you could try watching (tutorial) videos on youtube and listen carefully to the song
Good tip here: Work on your ears.

A good set of ears can help you a lot in your playing and development. I would suggest trying to work out simple songs that everyone knows just by ear. Like happy birthday or marry had a little lamb.

This will help you later on with learning more advanced songs and improvisation. You don't want to be that guy that's like "oh, this song i like don't have any tabs or chord charts anywhere on the internet. Too bad, then i can't learn it". If you work on your ears, you can learn ANYTHING given the time.
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just keep going, cause it just gets better from the there. i didnt start playing guitar with twink twinkle litte star, i knew i wanted to play the Beatles so thats what i did