Poll: do you like dumb girls?
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yes I love dumb girls
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no I need someone to stimulate my mind. thats a turn on for me more than anything else
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only to bang. I couldn't marry one
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depends on their personality. she doesnt have to be booksmart, just have some common sense
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I agree with you on the correlation between 'smart' girls and feminists..ughhh
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you're a pathetic misogynist scumbag if you purposely seek out dumb girls
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I like feeling all superior and manipulating them. god I love all my bitches
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Voters: 1.
I have to admit, I love dumb girls...

when they say stupid things it makes me laugh. they're funny and cute to me. I just want to take care of them

cant stand smart girls because there's a correlation between smart girls and feminists
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I like people
R.I.P. M.C.A.
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ew girls

But to answer your question, I don't think so
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I like smart girls, but if they like bands I hate (black veil brides asking alexandria etc etc) Huge turnoff