I tried one recently and I'm pretty sure it's going to be my next purchase (that and a Yamaha FG720S 12 strings, but I can probably find one for like $150 used so doesn't count...). Does anyone have opinions about that one? I love that thing!
The tonal range on this guitar is AMAZING. I don't regret buying it. It's a welcome addition to my fat Strat. It has twin humbuckers, which is what I was shopping for (I already had a Fat Strat with 2 single coil and a bridge humbucker), and the 339 had coil-tap - a bonus.

My shopping experience was - multiple visits to the store, trying different guitars, (first - how does it feel in my hands, second how does it sound) settling eventually on two guitars and going back a week later to see which one would win. I was pretty sure I wanted the 339 and was upset when I didn't see it on the wall anymore (it had been moved off to a stand). I grabbed it and didn't let go. I play it with a Line 6 Spyder 75W, country and rock, and it sounds great!

Buy it. You'll like it!
Saw one on clearance for $279 today at GC while buying a strat. Almost got it!
They're decent guitars, but there are better semi-hollows out there in that price range.

My MIK Sheraton was $400 used with a case. The Ibanez AM93 (about the same size as the 339) can be had for about the same on the used market, and it's quite a looker and player. I owned a 339 and the AM93 at the same time and ended up selling the 339, though I still have the AM93, if that tells you anything.

I thought the 339 was fine for the price, it just sounded lifeless to me and didn't really have anything that made me feel like I needed it in my collection.
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