Heyo everyone!

Looking for a singer to collab on. Lookin for that heavy punk sound. ala A Day to Remember, Escape the fate, ect.

Gonna be a little weird for some people so just move along if you think it's ridiculous. Lemme just off start by just posting a rough mix of the song im working on here: http://snd.sc/1gdDLkK

Yeah...that's "A thousand Miles" by Venessa Carlton turned into a heavy distorted, drum pumping number. And go easy on the mix, that was a mix i did almost 6 months ago.

If you're still not getting the picture may i direct your attention this way ---->http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Gy4Uq86QbaE

You all remember that lil number right? That's the sort of idea im going with, just having a little fun with it.

Basically, i started this song project about 6 or 7 months ago, had a singer lined up to sing it, but things fell through and i forgot about the project, now, i wanna start 'er up again and finish it off, for good or for worse.

I'm gonna have to go back and remix everything cuz i didn't know too much what i was doing back then...and i might still not, but i feel i've had to of gotten better and mixing and such.

Hopefully i can find somebody to give this a shot. I do have hopes for a few screaming bits, such as the bridge "and i, and i" bits. also a few shout backs in choruses and stuffs. Use your imagination. But the main vocals i feel need to be nice and powerful. All of the verses and choruses need to be sung, i feel, to make this mix work. But im not married to any of these ideas here.

If you're interested feel free to message me on here, although i don't check messages on here nearly as much as i should. You can also email me at amattson815@att.net. Ill be checkin!

Thanks and have a good day er'ybody.


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