Hi. I'm thinking of clearing some rackmount space by
removing a 1U Rocktron Super C HUSH rackmount effect.

My 6U rackmount setup only has preamps (BK Butler Tube Works Blue Tube 904,
Peavey Rockmaster, Rocktron 320 Compressor, Ibanez Delay, etc.)
. . . . and I'm going to add another effects preamp in place of the HUSH.
The rackmout setup goes out directly to an amp head.

Question: Does anybody know if either or both the BOSS NS2 or ISP
Technologies Decimator pedals can do the same job of the Rocktron HUSH?

Or, does the Rocktron HUSH out-perform the NS2 or ISP pedals
when using rackmount preamp devices?

Please let me know what you think. Thank you.
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