I'm looking for some stacked single coils that can give me the old john norum and yngwie tone. I know they both used Dimarzio HS's in the past, but since they're so low output, would that mean I'd have to depend on a seperate distortion pedal to get decent gain? I'm not a pedal kind of guy, I like to use the distortion in my amp (Marshall Vintage Modern & Randall RG75) and I don't want to depend on a seperate pedal.

I had been looking at the Seymour Duncan Stk9, they are pretty high output, but I have no idea what to combine it with in the neck position.

What do you guys recommend or use?
what about Lace Sensors?
I use Red in my strat and it works great. Lace has some sound of it's own but i like it that way. Maybe it won't be an exact yngwie tone but it still remains some single coil qualities in tone matter.
DiMarzio Injectors in the bridge and neck with an Area '67 in the middle.

I have a set in my Ibanez Fireman. Hum cancelling, almost humbucker sounding sometimes. I love 'em.
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You need the DOD 250 pedal.
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