Ok, so, I play guitar for quite some time, mostly as a hobby, just for spending some time, but now I think it's just stupid when someone asks, "So how long you play guitar" "Not sure, maybe 4 years, something arround that" and they go like " Wow, that's quite some time, you must be really good", and from now, I'd like to actually improve some of my playing and become a better guitarist/musician.

Ok not bragging I think I'm somehow good, not a Petruccinator, or anything like a buckethead, but I can play mostly the mainstream rock songs that we all love, Stairway to heaven (full), Master of puppets (Intro/Main riff) Painkiller (Intro) I can even dig the first part of the Jordan's solo by buckethead.

Ok, but here's the thing, I need some advice in which way to follow, I'd like to play more solos, but everything I come across, is too hard, or I'm not willing to learn it, since I don't think some of the tabs I come across, I'd actually like playing, so I don't even bother trying.

I'm not sure, I may just be another dumbass trying to play songs out of my league, I spend hours, copying solos and songs that I like, (Don't have too much access to computer as I'm an exchange student), that's pretty much it, I'd just like to ask, what songs helped you to link, or at least start linking the bridge beetween that "Intermediate" and "Advanced" level that we all hear about.

P.s.: The only guitar I have access to has 20 Frets

Tl;Dr : Need good solos or riffs to become better

Thanks in advance.
I started with easy solos like James solo in master of puppets and kirk's solo in enter sandman. I would recommend learning music theory as this will help you identify solos and help you break them down. You would be able to see what scale they are using and why they used it. But the easiest solos that I really stated with we're solos from nirvana tunes. Practice the solos slowy and don't cut corners because it will lead to sloppy playing and bad technique, trust me I would know because it took me a while to undo my bad technique. It all comes down to practicing and time. Before you know it you'll be playing things like arpeggios from hell and see that's nits really not that hard. Good luck.
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