Had a Chinese one years ago that I thought was cool, only reason I sold it was to get money towards my Gibson Les Paul Custom. Been eying up some Epiphones again recently and found a mint Korean Epi Les Paul custom with a case for £275 (including p&p)

Just wondering what everyone's experiences with the Korean made models are like and what opinions are on them?
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Quote by JustRooster
If you like overly chunky necks, you're in luck.

You aren't kidding.

I got a Korean SG and the neck is chunky beyond belief. Very nice guitar overall, and some killer pickups (I think they're Gibson PUs a previous owner dropped in), but the neck is way fatter than I like.
^^^ what he said times a million... CHUNKY chunky neck on my Korean Epi LP. Makes my 50's neck Gibson feel like a Wizard II.
Forget the Korean Epi's and find a SVK. You'll save yourself some money and have, what is in my opinion, the best fretwork on the market outside of custom stuff. That's in comparison to the Gibson Flying V, Explorer, and countless other guitars I've had.
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