Hi everyone,

My main guitar is a Yamaha Pacifica 812v, (Translucent Dark Red just so you know).

I have been toying with the idea of getting a new (used) guitar, mainly a telecaster of some description. I am never going to get rid of my Pacifica as, personally, I have gotten used to it over the years and think that it ticks most of the boxes.

My latest idea is to change the bridge humbucker, the stock one is a Seymour Duncan JB which I think by all means is a good pickup, but to me it doesn't feel right. Feels a tad quieter and not as crystal as the single coils. I thought that rather than blowing my money on a whole guitar I could spend some money on the perfect pick up for me.

I like to jam blues, funk, classic rock and all of the parts in between, the humbucker needs to be able to split and the sound I really want would be a Les Paul style humbucker and a Telecaster sound when split.

Anyone out there with any suggestions or thoughts?

Much appreciated!!
I'd suggest the JB counterpart, a Duncan 59. I have a JB/59 set in one of my ltds and the 59 in the bridge sounds killer. I play rock and blues as well. Can't really comment on splitting it, but I like it as is. Plenty of demos on youtube of it.