So word on the street is due to some type of low input threshold, the phase 90 (block text, not script) doesn't work well with humbuckers on cleans (i.e., it gives some dirt).

Is this still an issue? I have a single coil guitar, but it would be a shame to not be able to hit cleans with my LP. I was also considering the phase 100.

Does the phase 100 also have this issue? I am currently out of the way from any large music stores that would be able to provide testing.
I run the van halen edition of the phase 90 but it largely is the same for all intents and purposes. I use it pretty much exclusively with buckers and have had no issue with it. If you are that worried about it then the phase 100 might be able to alleviate some of that, but in that case I would just suggest you take a look at the tc electronic equivalent (name of it escapes me at the moment) or perhaps the red witch, I think moon phaser? The tc is in a relatively comparable price range though im not 100% sure about the red witch
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ISP Dec of some sort
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Never had that problem, most of my guitars have humbuckers and I've had a Phase 90 for ages, play it clean and dirty and it's always been fine.
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