Hey everyone,
I'm wondering if I could get some recommendations for a starting electric guitar and amplifier. I already have access to an acoustic guitar, so that's out of the way, but I'm trying to find a relatively cheap electric guitar and amp. I like all sorts of music, ranging from jazz, rock, funk, video game music, blues, punk, etc.... So a versatile guitar is preferable. My price range is anywhere from 100-600 dollars, though the cheaper it is, the better.
Cheaper as in less expensive I assume...well, in the 100 dollar range you really can"t beat a Dean Vendetta.
Don't get cheap Dean guitars, they're not the companies strong suit.

I would buy a Epiphone G400 (or equivalent) if I was starting out and needed a cheap guitar. They have Grover tuners and decent specs for a guitar you can find for around $200 used. I still use one as a backup because they're very playable guitars.

You'll probably want a Peavey Vypyr. Just get the best one you can afford. If you can find a Vypyr Tube 60 combo within your price range then that would be awesome. That shouldn't be too hard either as I see them for around $350 all time. Buy some picks, decent set of strings, and a decent lengh 1/4" guitar cable and you're set

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The key is to take a friend that plays with you. Some very cheap guitars can be great while the seemingly identical one next to it will be unplayable. Some of the Epiphone Les Pauls I tried for example were extremely nice and some were crap - of the same model.
The important thing is how it plays. The sound can usually be sorted later with a simple pickup swap. You need somebody with you that's an actual musician to sort the wheat from the chaff.
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Get a used Squier classic vibe or Vintage Modern Strat. These are great guitars for the price and it will leave you happy for a long while.

For amps, Fender Mustang II, Peavey Vypyr 30, Rolland Cube if you go new. If you will go used, The Line 6 Flextone II/III amps are great and only run $200ish used.

So for about $400 you would have a good set-up that will last you a long time
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