Haven't played in a couple years and all of my guitars and gear have been crap. I've been looking at guitars and gear for a couple months since ive had a good job and am happy to day I got a steal on an amp today. I'm supposed to pick it up from best buy clearance tomorrow as long as its not lost or anything. Got a fender super-sonic 60 112 for 530 after tax and i think its brand new. All tube usually 1400. My current amp is a hybrid vox thats like 30 watts so im happy to get something really nice. next up is a new guitar.

Also best buy in-store clearance(seen on website) has many instrument steals that i recommend you all look at. I saw an american special jazz bass for 500 thats usually 1000
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Sorry, but:

Come on man, we want to see the goods!
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