This is a song I wrote about wanting to go home. I don't know how to play the mandolin but I really wanted it in the intro so I tried my very hardest! It is written and recorded by me.

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Cool that you used mandolin, sounds good to me. You have a really nice voice! There is not a lot of variation though, I expected some mandolin halfway or at the end, that would be cool to add maybe. Right now there's not enough going on for me. The panning is a bit hard, especially for your voice, you should place it in the middle.
I'm not sure what you're going for but by adding more different sounds you could escape being yet another girl with an acoustic guitar. It's a great song for what it is but it's not very exciting right now. Having said that, your voice is really good, that's not the problem at all! And thanks for your comment on my song.
Whoa! You have a great singing voice! I enjoyed it a lot. The mandolin was cool, playing is fine. Yeah try putting your vocals in the middle, as for the other instruments it sounds like everythings good. Really nice sounding voice though.

Thanks for the feedback on my song by the way
I love your voice. It's relaxing and comforting in a lullaby kind of way? Does that make sense? I dunno.. Hard to explain, but it's great nonetheless. The song itself is nice and arranged very well.

As far as mixing is concerned, here are my thoughts... I think you could either double-track the acoustic and pan each track hard-left and hard-right respectively. Either that or copy and paste the original acoustic track and slightly delay the copy from the original by about 7ms-14ms. That would make the track sound much bigger.

I really liked the use of the mandolin... I just wish you would have incorporated it a little more throughout the song. Also, as mentioned earlier, vocals would sound better panned more towards the center of the track...

Overall, it's a great emotional song and I'd listen to it again! Awesome work!

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