Speaks for itself... just looking for a SINGLE pedal that has tremolo AND pitch vibrato effects, with a footswitch on the pedal for each (or an effect switch and an on/off switch) so you can set both effects and just switch between them easily.

Preferably true-bypass (but not essential) and also NOT DIGITAL if possible... and by affordable I mean anywhere under $300 (as cheap as possible without being a shitty Behringer or Digitech excuse for a pedal)

nova modulator. digital, but i've not heard of a dual tremolo/vibrato pedal, let alone an analog one.

edit: googled it. there are a few, but not footswitchable.
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Hmm yeah I've got a Line 6 MM4 which does the job but it's massive and I wanna get rid of some of my digital pedals... I found one which is exactly what I'm after but it's over $300, and for what I want it for it's not worth the money - AmpTweaker Swirlpool http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/AmpTweaker-Swirl-Pool-Tremolo-Vibe-Guitar-Pedal-Get-Cash-Back-/271020737861?pt=Guitar_Accessories&hash=item3f1a184545

Edit: It's spot on $300, but I have to ship it to Australia which is an extra $50